Embroidery Artist
Profile of Kanako Goh

Born in Oga city, Akita. Moved to Kyoto after married.

In 1978, in the rag trade where her sister was involved, she noticed that a large quantity of threads that were out-of-specification were abundant.

It came to her mind to utilize them for embroidery.

She thought of what she should do embroidery for.

And she decided to express, by using needles and threads, the sceneries of “The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido” by Hiroshige Utagawa, which she always was attracted to its unique expression.

Kanako Go, Peintre brodeuse

Kanako Go, Painter embroideress personal Exhibitions

  • April 2003, personal Exhibition in the « Michinoku-shokoku kyodo mingeikan » in Nasu.
  • May 2003, personal Exhibition to the « Gallery Nasu Club » in Nasu.
  • May 2004, personal Exhibition to the « Museum of the Kimono » of the Suzuno-ya of Ueno in Tokyo.
  • September 2004, personal Exhibition in the « Galarie Hisagi » in Nasu.
  • May 2005, Involvement to the 33rd international exhibition of fine arts in Spain.
  • October 2005 involvement to the Lounge of fall 2005 of Paris.
  • October 2011, personal Exhibition in the « Mori Biru no of it ", animate by the SAPPORO enterprise » .
  • November 2013, The private Exhibition in the booth in Los Angeles « Hive gallery » .